Actor Biography

Alexander McEwen…Me as an Actor

Alexander McEwen (31 January 1990) is a American actor, author and motivational speaker. He was born in Pascagoula, MS and raised in Tampa, FL by his parents along with his two older brothers. He also has two sisters from his father’s first marriage. Ever since Alexander was a child he’s had a passion for entertaining. Growing up his father would always take him to the movies to see his favorite actors and actress’s. Immediately after each movie, he would do reenactments with his toys at home of every film he watched. Although he never thought of ever being on the big screen, the love for entertainment continued to grow over the years.

In middle school, Alexander took an acting class for fun and ended up being given an award for getting A’s on each assignment. His teacher even encouraged him to focus on acting, however Alexander was more focused on sports at the time. During his sophomore year after not being able to play the position he wanted to in football, the passion for acting was ignited. He soon discovered that the phases he went through of playing football, basketball, and running track, were only leading him to what he loved all along.

For the remaining two years in high school he studied acting. Since he had to maintain a certain grade point average to stay in his acting program, this inspired him to keep all of his grades honor roll worthy. Alexander’s school was awarded the “Thespians Wild Palms Award 2007-2008” of which he was highly involved in; he also received a “Thespians Wild Palms Award for Best Actor in One Act” the same year.

Upon graduation, Alexander auditioned and got accepted into “The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.” While there were campuses in New York as well as Los Angeles, he chose New York to learn the fundamentals of acting on stage. There, he immersed himself in acting for two years where his passion only grew. From studying scripts, taking dance classes, to regularly attending live theatre, his appreciation for the arts rose.

After graduating college, Alexander was able to do many commercials, most notable was a Liberty Bank commercial. He performed in shows for schools through ENACT, (a social club in New York) which uses interactive theater and drama therapy to increase student’s social and emotional skills for success in life. He’s also starred in numerous short films and has done off off Broadway shows. After living in New York for five years, Alexander chose to move to California and focus on acting there.

Alexander has had many struggles in New York and especially in California. There were plenty of nights he went without food, and was practically homeless. While quitting never crossed his mind, he finally understood why many of his peers chose to stop. The jobs of waiting tables were never stable causing his earnings to be unpredictable. Even his mother after seeing her son go through so much pain, wanted him to do a career that would be more stable. However, Alexander knew he came too far to change directions.

Determined to be an example of someone who accomplishes their dreams no matter the circumstances, Alexander decided to use all of his experiences and setbacks as fuel for why he would succeed. Alexander is currently finishing up his book “DreamWorld: Believe In Yourself Again,” (a book he passionately feels that will inspire every reader to live their dream life,) in Florida and will return to acting as everything is finished.


“Sometimes in life it’s after you have failed consistently, that then and only then, you begin to succeed consistently.” -Alexander McEwen