Author Biography

Alexander McEwen…Behind the Author

Alexander McEwen (31 January 1990) is a American actor, author and motivational speaker. He was born in Pascagoula, MS and was raised in Tampa, FL by his parents along with his two older brothers. He also has two older sisters from his father’s first marriage.

Alexander always had a passion for reading and writing since he was a child. In elementary school, he wrote a paper on Michael Jordan and received high praise from his teacher. His reading level was always two levels higher than his current grade at the time. He only read fiction books during this period and shortly stopped when his focus shifted to sports.

In middle school, Alexander’s teacher placed a picture on the overhead projector and encouraged the students to write whatever that came to mind. Within only five minutes, he was able to write a story with each character having an extensive background. His writing was once again praised by his teacher, however Alexander thought nothing of it.

Beginning in 7th grade, he was always placed in honor classes. But since many of his friends were in regular classes, he wanted to join them. Each year he would begin in advanced classes and every time he would convince his counselor to move him. It wasn’t until his junior year in highschool that he no longer resisted being in honor classes.

Alexander was also known for writing love letters for his friends that they would give to girls they liked. Whenever they couldn’t think of the words to approach or resolve conflicts with their woman, they would come to him to write on their behalf. His friends would compliment him each time on his ability to write so profoundly.

While writing was still a passion, he still only thought of it as a hobby and chose to make acting his primary profession. Shortly after graduating he moved to New York to attend “The American Musical And Dramatic Academy.” Determined to persevere with acting, he began reading hundreds of self-help books to remain committed.

Being so far away from home, Alexander would write his mother many letters to uplift her spirits since he wasn’t around. Each time she would commend him saying that he had a gift, but writing still wasn’t Alexander’s focus.

He began posting inspiring messages each time he booked a gig through acting, of which all were met with appreciation and enthusiasm from the readers. It wasn’t until he moved to California in 2015 and wrote a post on social media, that the idea to write “DreamWorld: Believe In Yourself Again” came alive. While Alexander believed the post would be the introduction to a book, he felt that no one would read anything from him at that stage in his life.

On Jan.31 2019 (Alexander’s Birthday), the calling to finish what he began writing four years prior was intensified. He finally decided to dedicate the entire year to the completion of the book. After long nights of meditating, making sure each chapter is filled with inspiration that can transform the reader’s life; “DreamWorld: Believe In Yourself Again” is now complete and will be available 12/23/19. The purpose of this book is to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams in every area of life.


“I strongly desire to inspire billions of people to live their dreams in my lifetime.” -Alexander McEwen