Motivational Speaker Biography

Alexander McEwen…My Words Of Self Help

Alexander McEwen (31 January 1990) is a American actor, author, and motivational speaker. He was born in Pascagoula, MS and was raised in Tampa, FL by his parents along with his two older brothers. He also has two sisters from his father’s first marriage.

All throughout middle school and high school, Alexander never gave much thought to positive thinking. His father was often worried about bills which influenced him to think the same way. It wasn’t until his uncle allowed him to listen to a Tony Robbins tape, that he realized he had a choice of how to view the world.

Alexander began listening to motivational audiobooks daily in 2009 so that he wouldn’t give up on acting.  Every morning before he started his day, he would listen to them during his exercises as well as to work. Videos he began watching repeatedly were Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret,” and Les Brown’s “It’s Possible.”

Alexander developed the discipline of regularly taking notes and putting all that he learned into action. He would often share anything he learned with those who needed it, and also begin to think creatively on his own. Whether it was family members or friends, he was excited to be able to uplift them.

Wanting to build rapport with anyone regardless of their age, this led to Alexander reading books on psychology, love, relationships, spirituality, family, goals and self-mastery. His friends and family members would tell him for years that he should be involved in motivational speaking. However, not wanting to be known as a speaker but only as an actor, Alexander never gave it much thought and only focused on acting.

It wasn’t until one night after work with a co-worker, that his beliefs about himself changed. After he had only a 30 minute conversation to uplift him, the next day the co-worker immediately registered for school and said it was thanks to him. This was the beginning of Alexander accepting his gift for speaking. From reading hundreds of self-help books to watching personal development seminars online, another passion was discovered.

Alexander began to share the same desire to transform people’s lives as the speakers he listened to for years. He first began posting videos on YouTube before posting regularly on Instagram. After being asked to speak to his church which led to a two hour event, this inspired Alexander to study speaking even more passionately. The excitement of seeing everyone motivated and actively taking notes, was motivation in itself for him to continue to get better. Alexander just finished his first book titled “Dreamworld: Believe In Yourself Again” that will be available 12/23/19.


“There are no mistakes. Your dreams are shaping you into the man or woman you need to be for their achievement.” -Alexander McEwen